Smart Power Outlet

Control existing Power Outlets

Up Aussie installs smart switch controllers, that give automation capabilities to the existing Power Outlets in your home.
– Connects via Wi-fi to the Up Aussie Smart Hub.
– Switch your Power Outlets using your mobile phone.
– Best of both worlds. You’ll be able to operate your switches manually, or via an app on your phone.
– Compliant to Australian standards.
– Email notifications when a switch is turned on or off.
– Hidden installation. No one can see that you have a smart home.
Alternatively, Up Aussie supplies plug-in Smart Power Outlets

Works on all smart-phones and computers

Works on Apple IOS iPhones, Samsung andriod phones, and other phones, tablets, and computers.
– Secure login. Encrypted communication.
– See the status of all your smart devices.
– Switch your smart devices on or off.
– Works with Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant.
– Can be connected on Wi-fi only, or internet only, or both.